More than ever business demands better security and performance. As organizations move to the Internet to more effectively connect employees, customers, and business partners, the importance of secure computing has never been greater. At ABN we can help you tackle all of your networking issues.

We install your network, taking care of all of the details for you including server installation, wiring, routers, communication devices, workstations and setting up your data backup system.

After your network is installed we can help with the daily administration tasks such as monitoring backups and virus consoles, setup and removal of user and group accounts, etc.

What is Networking?

A computer network is a series of two or more computers connected to each other. Generally, there are two types of networks, peer-to-peer networks and server based networks.

  • Peer-to-peer networks are typically used for home use to share pictures, music, printers, etc. with other people in your home. This type of network can be used in an office but does not work well in an environment of more than 2-3 pcs. Fortunately there are cost effective alternatives these days utilizing the Cloud for sharing of data securely and reducing the risk of data loss or corruption.
  • Server based networks or domain networks offer greater control over what is shared and with whom. Sharing of network resources can easily be limited to certain individuals or groups of people in your office. Speed of access to your data, data protection, and secure remote access to server based resources and networked pcs are some other key benefits of this type of network.

Benefits of Networking


The Basics

File Sharing

In a domain network file storage and sharing is easily implemented and secured with network authentication allowing you to control who has access to different elements of your business. For example, you can easily limit the people that have access to accounting and HR data while giving everyone access to general company documents and marketing material.

Device Sharing

Networkable printers and Multi-Function Devices are easily installed and managed in a server based network. Job Accounting, scanning to a network shared drive and other core features can be implemented improving efficiency and reducing costs.

Software Sharing

Securely share access to files and data in programs that support a networked environment such as QuickBooks, Sage (aka Peachtree), ACT!, as well as other Accounting, CRM and Line of Business software programs.



Server operating systems and hardware are designed to run for long periods of time without shutting down.


Big data can be difficult to work with in the Cloud. Using a local data server for large data files and some network software can greatly increase performance.

Data Backup and Recovery

Having your data stored in a centralized location makes it easier to backup and recovery of critical company data.


Management of user accounts and security groups from a centralized location gives you greater control on protecting sensitive company data from unauthorized access.

Secure Remote Access

Remote Web Access gives your employees access to their computer and devices in the office. This allows you to function like you were in the office even when you are out of town or at home.

Cloud and Hybrid-Cloud Integration

Servers running Server 2012 R2 Essentials or the Windows Server Essentials Experience give you the flexibility to integrate applications and services either locally or in the Cloud.


Networking Services

Installation of Wired, Wireless and Hybrid-Cloud Networks
  • Installing and configuring of network equipment including internet circuits, modems, firewalls, hubs, routers, switches (managed and unmanaged), wireless access points, racks and enclosures
  • Setup and installation of data, email, print, virtual and web servers
  • Setup of virtual private networks
  • Setup and monitoring of backup equipment and software
  • Setup and installation of computers, laptops and terminals
  • Installation and configuring of peripheral equipment such as fax machines, printers, multifunction devices, high speed scanners, security camera systems
  • Installation of network software
  • Integration and / or migration with cloud based services and servers
Maintenance of existing Wired, Wireless and Hybrid-Cloud Networks
  • Integrating new devices into your network
  • Setup of new user and email accounts
  • Setup of profiles for new employees on workstations or laptops
  • Installation of new servers or virtual servers into your domain


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