Windows 10: Amazing Facts You May Not Know

It’s been 6 months since Microsoft released its latest OS to the public, and by now you’ve probably already seen tones of fact videos and articles. You know those lists that tell you how the Start menu is back, how you can switch between multiple desktops or how you can enable a hidden dark mode. And that’s all nice and jolly, but this time, we’re gonna do something different. Instead of telling you about things that you can find on your own, on your personal computer, I’m gonna take you just a bit deeper behind the scenes, and give you some of the stories surrounding the already famous Windows 10.

Did you know:

– Microsoft skipped Windows 9, and jumped from 8.1 to 10, so that legacy programs wouldn’t confuse it with the two versions of the OS that contain the number 9 in their name – Windows 95 and 98.

– During a Microsoft Built conference, company employees wore a blue t-shirt with a Windows logo filled with binary code. The code had a secret message for those with the knowledge to crack it.

– The new and improved Start Menu that had it’s comeback in Windows 10 was one of the most popular features of the new OS, but the man who practically invented it stated how it was actually disappointing.

– The default wallpaper for Windows 10 is called the Hero Desktop Image, and it was made entirely out of light!

– In January of 2016, Microsoft reported that Windows 10 was active on more than 200 million devices worldwide!

– Microsoft can literally listen to every sound you make, and see every key you type, thanks to Cortana and the ‘’Get to know me’’ option.

– Microsoft announced how Windows 10 is going to be the last version of Windows. But what does that really mean? Find out in the video…

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